Touchless Engagement: QR Codes

Talent Management and Communication with Your Frontline

First we hope this email finds all of you and your family safe and healthy!

Myself and the team at Qlicket realize with COVID-19, you have likely had to change or stop some of your traditional ways of gathering feedback like round tables, huddles, facility meetings or possibly corporate surveys.  Yet, in this new normal it is essential to over communicate with employees, and keep a pulse on their feelings and knowledge levels of evolving procedures.

We believe the Qlicket dashboard and kiosk, now more than ever, can be a valuable tool to help you gather employee insights and provide a 24/7 feedback loop.

To help alleviate concerns beyond the current safety measures in place (latex gloves, hand sanitizer/wipes, social distancing guidelines), we are developing abilities for employees to anonymously respond to questions or provide feedback anytime via their mobile phones.  Try out some of the QR codes below and let me know your thoughts or preferences regarding the designs and if you have time available maybe some of us can get on a quick call to discuss.

#1: Mobile First, Kiosk Input Allowed

#2: Mobile Only

#3: Kiosk Entry with Mobile Response Option

Thank you and be safe!

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