Greater Safety with Touchless Feedback

Where do you feel we could improve measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Hope this email finds you well. We realize many at your organization and yourself have been putting in long hours and having to navigate these unprecedented times. Circumstances are extraordinary and we want you to know we are here to help in any way we can. In fact, because communication and employee feedback are more important in these times than ever before, we’ve decided it is our obligation to innovate in order to continue gathering the insights and feedback that have made our solution so valuable.

We’ve devised QR Code placards that are part of our new touchless feedback system, allowing employees — and potentially even customers — to anonymously provide feedback via their phone. Feel free to scan the code with your phone’s camera and give it a try! The question you see on your browser can still be changed and the responses can still be reviewed using our online dashboard. However, the benefits of this method are significant, since it:

  • Requires no touching from your workforce during this ‘new normal’

  • Reduces ability for an employee to provide duplicate responses

  • Simplifies employees’ ability to share written feedback

  • Easily scalable to additional locations

  • Feedback is anonymous

We want to help you get the insights that can help you manage, and to help employees know that you care about them. By placing this placard in a desired location within your facility, you can ensure that process is in place. I would like to point out that our tablet kiosks have this same functionality, showing QR codes that employees can scan to respond in a touchless format.

If you’d like to try our solution with this placard and access to our dashboard, please let us know, as well as if if you have any questions or ideas about how we can continue to improve.

Request Your Free QR Code Placard

With gratitude,

Vivek, Jennifer, Peter, and John

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