$3,000 Retention Bonus to Try Us

Sign-on bonuses are all the rage right now. Have you thought about retention?

In the latest battleground in the war for talent, some large enterprises are now offering $3,000 sign-on bonuses. HR executives have said to us:

“Years ago, we use to have people waiting in lines for a job at one of our factories. Now we can’t even find enough workers to keep up with demand!”

So strong is demand for workers, those who hold the purse strings are willing to loosen them to keep up with demand. While there's no doubt that hiring is critical in the current climate, it pays (literally) to not forget about the other side of the equation: retention.

4.3 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs in August, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That was up from 4 million in July, and is by far the most in the two decades the government has been keeping track.

At Qlicket, we provide a managed service solution that aggregates feedback from your workforce daily and helps you pinpoint areas of concern and opportunity, so you can create the type of environment your employees never want to leave.

Between now and Thanksgiving, we have a special offer that we'd like to share with you: Take a 60 day trial of Qlicket. Whether or not you decide to continue with us at the end, we will pay you $3,000.

Our solution enables you to hear from your entire workforce at one location for about the same amount as companies are spending to bring just one worker onboard! The $3,000 (retention!) bonus from us can go towards investing in your employees, resources for your workplace, or even sponsoring your holiday party!

Interested in taking up this offer? What have you got to lose? If you're focused on too many competing priorities, and want to avoid getting bogged down with procurement, legal, and finance, let's keep it simple. Try our solution in one of your environments for free, and look like the hero in your organization that you are! Please contact our Head of Customer Experience, Jennifer McMonigle-Jakubczyk at jenniferj@qlicket.com or (570) 233-4437 for complete terms and conditions and to get started!

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