Employee Engagement x Turnover

The Hawthorne Effect at Play

Happy Friday! We’re almost through 2020. This month we wanted to share a case study with actual customer data around turnover and engagement with Qlicket kiosks.

We're clearly seeing that as workers use our system, they become more likely to stay at a particular organization (the disclaimer is we cannot prove causality, but have now seen a few success stories through our platform). 

Could it be proof of the Hawthorne Effect, the idea that the productivity of employees increases dramatically when they felt they are being heard or observed? Possibly, and more importantly, actually implementing solutions recommended by your workforce is what leads to sustained decreases in turnover and increases in productivity. We have some evidence of that too.

If this is interesting to you, would you be open to setting up time to reconnect in the next week or so?

Thank you!